Atle Gulbrandsen

Atle Gulbrandsen

Racing: From USA to Nürburgring

I'm ready for the first race of the season with Møller Bil Motorsport in the German VLN Endurance Championship at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

action_r4_ing.jpgI'm at paternity leave in New York at the moment, but I'm flying to Frankfurt on Wednesday. Then it's practice on Friday, race on Saturday, and back to New York again on Sunday.

The opposite of how I used to travel when I raced in the Skip Barber Series in the USA some years ago.

We have cautios ambitions ahead of this season. Our car is old, and not as fast as the competitor's cars. But on a good day we can achieve a podium.

So 2012 will in many ways be a "low key season", which hopefully will be a basis to be more competitive in the future. However, it's important to race each season and the competiton against "myself" is as serious as ever. So I'm better prepared than ever, so let's hope for some luck this season!

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Ready to race
Møller Bil Motorsport are ready for their first race of the season, in the German VLN Endurance Championship at the 24,4 km long Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Møller Bil Motorsport continues in the SP3T class, for cars with 2,0 liter turbo engines. The team from Norway drives an Audi TT 2,0 TFSI, and drivers are Håkon Schjærin, Atle Gulbrandsen and Kenneth Østvold.

Møller Bil Motorsport will drive five of the ten VLN races this season, and most races during the fall.

- We have done some work with our car during the winter, but we have cautios ambitions ahead of the season. Our car is getting old, and we don't have the same resources as our main competitors. But even though our car isn't the fastest we can achieve a podium on a good day, Håkon Schjærin says.

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