Atle Gulbrandsen

Atle Gulbrandsen

Racing: Good speed

We had to retire from Saturday's VLN race, but I'm very satisfied with my own laptimes.

I did 08.52 in the qualifying, and that was with some trafic and a yellow flag, that I lost more than two seconds on. But the most impressive fact is that I had just 20 or so laps behind me this season when I set the laptime. Some of my competitors have more than 100 laps behind them.

We don't have the fastest car either, and looses many seconds per lap on the car. But we have so much passion in our team, and that helps a lot.

But no one has ever been especially much faster than me on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with the same assumptions, and it's a good thing to prove this time after time.

We had to retire from the race because of technical problems.

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