Atle Gulbrandsen

Atle Gulbrandsen

Racing: Update

There have been a while since my last update, but that's because there has not been any racing for me this summer. But something has of course happened...

Right now I'm in Valencia to commentate the European Grand Prix in Formula 1 for TV3 Norway. I'm the main commentator for Formula 1 in Norway and do all the races as long as they don't collide with my own racing. But I don't go to that many races anymore. Before I went to almost all of the F1-races, but the last years I have done only 2-3 races "on site" each season.

The Valencia race is exciting since it is a completely new street circuits, and I love street circuits.

There have been a long (too long) summer break for me this year. My last race was in the end of june and my next is the 13th of september - as always at the worlds longest/most fun/most demanding racetrack - the Nürburgring Nordschleife, where all the races in the German VLN Endurance Series takes place.

My teammate had a good test with our new Audi TT 2,0 TFSI in the beginning of august at the Nordschleife so I'm really looking forward to the next race, which will be our second race with the brand new car. We had some problems with the settings last time, but I think the car should be a class-winner in a while.

While I'm not racing myself I follow the races of my competitors from earlier years. It's fun to see that some of my competitors from my year in the USA now are in the top in series like IndyCar, Grand Am, Atlantic and Star Mazda. That shows that the level of competition in the Skip Barber series in 2004 was very high - and I was among the best that season and finished 4th in the championship.

This summer I had some time off with my family, but unfortunately I have been sick for a long time. It's nothing serious, but I'm not as fit as i should have been, so I have some physical training to do before my three races in september and october.

But I also need to work in my new fulltime job as a motoring journalist/test driver and now also video editor in publishing house Hjemmet Mortensen. And then it is some commentary as well.

But I will be ready for the races, I promise!


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